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Hammond park, WA


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Hi my name is Priya and i'm currently in year 12, doing Physics, Chemistry, Human
biology, Mathematics and English. There's no greater satisfaction than to help someone
achieve what they think is unattainable. There's no such thing as impossible and i will
prove this to you, as long as you're keen on improving and willing to work

As many tries as it takes, i will do my best to help you in every possible way until the
end. I am really patient as long as you show me that you're trying your best.I truly
enjoy helping people, and my love for maths inspired me to reach out and
spread it to all those who despise it because once you know math you'll love math,trust
me. I'll help you get a head start to what you're doing in school, and will always be
open to any questions you're willing to pose.

I'm mostly available on weekends and i would provide you
with notes on the topic you need. I will go an extra mile to get you better questions with
worked out solutions if needed as well.

My lesson structure is as follows,
Start off with any questions you're having problems with.
Move onto a chapter that you don't understand/ want me to go in depth into.
Practice questions with solutions.


I've just started tutoring a year 10 and year 7 student. I'm always the one my friends and siblings come to when they're having troubles with
maths as they reckon that i can always help them understand even the most
complicating contexts, and i've been teaching them for as long as i can remember. Also, I have an approved working with children certificate.


A's and B's for all subjects in GCE O LEVELS with an A1 for Mathematics in GCE O Levels.

All passes in Year 11 and year 12, with mostly A's and B's.

Years Tutoring

less than 1 year

Hourly Rate Specifics

$20 without travelling and travelling cost will be added based on distance



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Hammond park, WA





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