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Every parent wants their child to be happy. At J&K Tutoring, we can help your child to achieve happiness through a confidence boost and an improved eagerness to learn which is guaranteed with our services.

High school can be pressuring for many teenagers - and we can totally understand that. That's why at J&K Tutoring, we offer tutoring in Maths, Maths Specialist, Physics, Chemistry, English, and/or Literature for students from Years 7 to 12.
We are more than welcome to acquaint your child in achieving their potential, by providing them the necessary knowledge and skills needed to boost up their interest and confidence. One particular element is the ways of understanding the concepts of particular subjects. Many people believe that doing more work will get you higher marks, however this particular mindset will lead to a lack of interest in learning which can be detrimental. At J&K we will ensure your child understands concepts more easily through various activities and exercises.

Our style of tutoring will be connective and friendly in terms of our presentation of our knowledge to your child. Every week we will provide summary notes for your child to take down which cover a core topic. We will also provide your child with our own carefully crafted worksheets and activities, and handpicked problems, which we have personally found useful for our own studies during high school and hopefully help your child to learn well too.

"J&K Tutoring are a humble business who pride themselves on their students' success. We are here to not only gain valuable experience for ourselves as tutors and growing members of society, but to also help your child grow as well."

We are available for tutoring lessons any time on Saturday and Sunday, if you wish to book your first lesson with J&K Tutoring please contact 0422605094 or 0452226774 or email us on
First lesson is completely FREE, to allow your child to see if he/she likes our tutoring style.


At the moment J&K's is a developing business with inexperienced tutors so we would be most grateful if any parents would like to give us an opportunity by sending your child here at J&K's. We will be very determined to try our very best to help you the way we have planned because it has succeeded many times in the past.


J&K Tutoring comprise of two university students (Jeffery and Kim) who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping out your children. Both tutors graduated high school with ATARs above 90 with Awards of Academic Distinctions and Certificates of Commendations which allowed both of us to get into our respected fields of study at the moment.
Currently we are both respectively studying Engineering and Business Law at the University of Western Australia, the State's leading university.

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