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Rodolfo Munoz

Arcadia, WA


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Improve your Spanish! (Arcadia - Temple City - Rosemead - Pasadena-South Pasadena-Alhambra)California, USA

Improve your communication skills. One-on-one lessons focused on CONVERSATION customized to your specific needs.
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For Intermediate & Advanced levels (Adult students ONLY) at your home, office or any convenient public place.
Flexible hours.

I am a Clinical Psychologist (graduated from the University of El Salvador) and Conflict Resolution Specialist (Argentina - El Salvador - Puerto Rico) and over 20 years of teaching experience.

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Responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in the 14 States (Departments).of El Salvador

Supervised and trained entire new mediation staff (65 people) within 5 years period (Mediators and Supervisor's Mediators).
Trained around 2,000 personnel from: the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Justice, new mediators - Judges - Social Workers in Courts, Universities, Non Governmental Organizations, National Civilian Police and people from Communities.

Mediated around 350 disputes involving family, marriage, community, patrimonial and labor issues. Attended more than 200 couples and families in coaching, counseling and therapist.

Facilitated meetings with Conflict Resolution Program's staff to develop strategic plan, annual operation plan, plan for continued education, and strategies for development, effectiveness and sustainability of Conflict Resolution Program

Conducts impact studies in Project “Microfinance with education for Women Nongovernmental Organization Arariwa - Plan Perú in Cusco, Peru and “Health Promotion Comprehensive Approach Gender” Pro Mujer Nicaragua.

Instructed 60 upper class psychology students in personality theories (The Psychoanalytic Approach, The Neopsychoanalytic Approach, Behavior and Learning Theories, Cognitive Theories) to provide understanding of different personality structures, traits and processes.

Conduct initial and ongoing sessions to identify with the client skills that need development and use activities and exercises to improve them (about important issues, emotions and concerns)


B.A., psychology, University of El Salvador, San Salvador, 1994.
Diploma, Mediation Training Course, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1999.
Course on Business Administration, Miami, 1985.
Internship, mediation, Mediation Center of the Ministry of Justice, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1999.
Internship, Mediation, Pan-American University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2004.
Mediation Training, Dispute Resolution Program, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, Los Angeles, 2010.

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